Exciting news about a new partnership that brings a wave of fresh opportunities our way. Establishing collaborations is always a significant event, especially in the personalized printing industry—a fact that has proven particularly true for us in recent months. These months have been fruitful in fostering new collaborations and partnerships with multiple companies, strategically aimed at providing businesses that specialize in the creation and sale of personalized products with opportunities to innovate and expand their market presence. Such developments not only enhance operational efficiencies but also open up avenues to better meet customer demands in dynamic market environments. 

This time, we are incredibly thrilled about the opportunity to form a partnership with the Dscoop community, which comprises 20,000 members, including customers and partners of HP Industrial Print and Large Format. Discussions about forming a partnership with Dscoop had been ongoing for some time, and the partnership was officially established during the drupa 2024 trade fair held in June.  

New Partnership, New Possibilities: What to Expect 

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Dscoop serves as a dynamic platform for sharing ideas and advancing skills, offering a wealth of resources such as tools, training, and networking opportunities. The community is dedicated to helping its members grow their businesses and solve challenges through cooperation and shared knowledge. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for us, as we look forward to engaging with this vibrant network and leveraging these opportunities to further our goals. It also opens the way for both us and the other Dscoop members to explore and create new technologies and solutions in the printing industry. 

We plan to participate in all the exciting events organized by Dscoop. Moreover, we have exciting content plans; together with our expert knowledge and Dscoop, we will create content that will undoubtedly be useful for many companies, helping them expand their operations and broaden their knowledge necessary for creating personalized printed products in line with sustainable development. This initiative is aimed at fostering a community of learning and innovation, making it easier for members to stay ahead in the competitive market. By collaborating closely with Dscoop, we aim to enhance our print customizer even further, thanks to new possibilities, knowledge, and experience.

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