FESPA Microfactory with Antigro Designer

Antigro Designer will be the main technology provider this year at the Personalise Make Wear (Microfactory) event in the Personalisation Experience section during the FESPA 2024 trade fair in Amsterdam. 

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FESPA, established in 1962 thanks to the initiative of the French Association of Printers and seven European associations, is an international federation involved in promoting and developing the printing industry. This global federation plays an important role in shaping the future of the industry, providing valuable educational resources, organizing technical seminars, and supporting the development of new printing technologies. Through its activities, FESPA contributes to the development and promotion of screen printing and digital printing worldwide, being an important reference point for professionals in the industry. 

The Personalisation Experience is a place 100% dedicated to print personalization, where professionals from various industries – from sportswear, through packaging, customer loyalty programs, to interiors – can explore the potential that personalization offers for their business. This event is dedicated to the development and presentation of personalization capabilities in the printing industry in the face of growing consumer expectations, who demand quick and personalized experiences. The Personalisation Experience is not only an exhibition but also a platform for exchanging experiences and making contacts with other professionals focused on using personalization to enhance the value of their business.

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Personalisation Experience is a unique place that will be available for the second time for those wanting to delve into the latest achievements and technologies related to print solutions enabling product personalization. This unique event took place for the first time last year during FESPA 2023 in Messe Munich in Germany and it turned out to be a great success, so this year’s edition is expected to be even more inspiring and provide participants with unique experiences. 

Why will this year's FESPA fair be special?

Thanks to the collaboration with Antigro Designer at this year’s FESPA fair in Amsterdam, participants will also have access to the Personalise Make Wear zone, which is a microfactory where the complete process of making personalized clothes and other products will take place during the event. In the hall 11-A20, visitors will be able to use ready-made design templates and independently create a design for sportswear, T-shirts, hats, or mugs. In the subsequent steps, they will have the opportunity to observe the production process of their project, including its printing, appropriate cutting, and sewing, so that a ready-made personalized product is created. This means that in one place, participants will be able to learn the entire process of creating personalized products and familiarize themselves with this process step by step. To make the whole process complete, in the central point of the microfactory, there will be a runway where participants can see the projects they made earlier on models presenting the finished outfits.

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MS Printing Solutions, Sei Laser and Kornit machines will collaborate with the Antigro Designer print personalization system to jointly create unique personalized products. To provide visitors with a valuable, full of new knowledge experience, many guided tours of the factory are planned for the duration of the event. The guide will lead participants and explain each stage of making personalized products and present the technologies used at each stage. 

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Additionally, individuals interested in the details of the graphic design process and the technologies used in creating personalized products will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge. Thanks to the Antigro Designer team, which will be present on-site throughout the fair’s duration, participants will gain invaluable experience. Every attendee eager to learn more and talk with specialists in the field will be able to visit the Antigro Designer booth at booth number 11-B18, located near the Microfactory zone. The Antigro team will do everything to ensure that every participant gains the necessary knowledge and receives answers to all their questions regarding software operation and the processes it supports. 

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