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Antigro Designer is a powerful tool that minimizes time spent on project improvements and discussions with clients. We provide an intuitive design platform that your customers can use to create their perfect apparel, reducing back-and-forth communication and significantly speeding up your production process.

Apparel Customization Software
Integrate seamlesly with your sales channels

We are always available to help you integrate our tools with the platforms you already use. Our development team did their best to make Antigro Designer compatible with your current sales channels. Just click, we’ll do the rest!

Antigro Designer Integrations
T-shirt Personalization - Custom Templates

Choose from your customized templates and/or our pre-designed options.

Looking to simplify and expedite the apparel customization process in your business? Antigro Designer introduces an efficient approach with its customizable and pre-designed templates.

Our software gives you the freedom to create and save custom templates that match your brand style and meet your customers’ unique needs. Alternatively, you can also choose from a wide range of pre-designed templates curated by our team of design experts.


Experience the Power of Admin Mode for Optimized Results

In the realm of personalized product design, maintaining a high level of quality is essential. Antigro Designer presents an existing feature that revolutionizes quality control – the ability to review customers’ designs in Admin mode.

Admin mode gives you an invaluable opportunity to oversee the creative process, ensuring that every design meets your business’s high-quality standards before it goes into production. This unique feature serves as an extra layer of control, allowing you to identify and rectify potential design issues that could impact the final product.

Apparel Customization - Admin Mode
Additional apparel customization features
Reduce back-and-forth communication
Quicker turnaround time

With our Apparel Customization feature, you can drastically cut down the time spent on refining projects and discussing details with clients. Reduce back-and-forth communication and speed up your production process.

Tailored PDFs
Tailored PDFs

Antigro Designer optimizes your entire printing workflow, from initial design to final production. Our software provides you with print-optimized PDF files that seamlessly match the specifications of your printing machines.

3D Product Preview
3D product preview

3D Product Preview is not only a fun and interactive feature, but it also empowers your customers to make informed design decisions, reducing the guesswork associated with online personalization. It provides the confidence that the product will look exactly as it has been envisioned.


Power Up Your Personalized Apparel Business with Antigro Designer!

As your business grows, Antigro Designer grows with you. Our software is built to support your scalability, providing a seamless, hassle-free experience even as your orders increase.

Our dedicated support team is always on hand to assist with system integration and to ensure your experience with Antigro Designer is smooth and beneficial. Empower your apparel business today with Antigro Designer.

T-shirt Presonalization

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Personalized orders

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Not only does Antigro Designer provide the perfect solution for my business, but they have also supported me tremendously throughout the entire process. I can honestly say that choosing their software has been the best decision I have made for my business.

Katie Tallentire
Personal Moments Ltd

Antigro Designer has completely transformed our business, putting us far ahead of the curve compared to our competition. We are now able to deliver high-quality customized designs faster and more efficiently than ever before, giving us a significant competitive advantage.

Denise Bayer
DB Custom Creations

Thanks to the implementation of Antigro Designer, our employees can now save a lot of time and focus on other tasks. Instead of spending hours or days on discussing details and correcting projects, orders placed through the software go straight to the printing machines.

Jakub Parzyszek


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