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MakeYourPuzzles | Premium Custom Puzzles Made In The USA

MakeYourPuzzles stands as a beacon of creativity in the custom puzzle manufacturing landscape. Hailing from the heart of the USA, this innovative company transforms your cherished photographs into premium, personalized puzzles. Whether you like to make your own Custom Photo Puzzle with one of your favorite pictures, or your Collage Photo Puzzle with up to 64 pictures – we’ve got you covered!

At MakeYourPuzzles, we take pride in our eco-friendly production of custom puzzles, ensuring that our love for the environment is reflected in every piece we create.

All our custom puzzles are Made in the USA.

The Challenge

Before Antigro, we at MakeYourPuzzles faced the hurdle of providing a user-friendly customization experience that could cater to a broad audience – from puzzle aficionados to those just dipping their toes into the world of personalized puzzles. The challenge was to offer sophisticated editing tools without overwhelming our less tech-savvy customers. We needed a solution that could deliver on ease of use without compromising on advanced features. Our customers desired a seamless process from photo upload to puzzle design, and we struggled to find a balance that could accommodate every user’s technical comfort level.

The solution

Antigro stepped in as the game-changer. Its intuitive interface, combined with sophisticated options, struck the perfect balance we were looking for. It made customization accessible for all our customers, regardless of their tech proficiency. The mobile-friendly aspect was a bonus, allowing our customers to create on the go. The Antigro team’s tailored solutions made our product uniquely ours, aligning with our brand’s vision. Moreover, the exceptional technical and customer service ensured any issues were resolved swiftly, maintaining the premium experience our customers expect from us.

The Result

Since implementing Antigro, we’ve seen a significant uptick in customer satisfaction. Our end-users enjoy a frictionless design process that’s both empowering and enjoyable. While we’re gathering specific metrics, the positive feedback has been overwhelming. Customers praise the ease of creating their puzzles, noting the platform’s responsiveness and the joy of seeing their designs come to life in real-time. Working with Antigro has been a breeze; their team’s dedication is evident in every interaction. Not only has the tool saved us time, but it’s also enhanced productivity by streamlining our design-to-production pipeline.


“We wholeheartedly recommend Antigro. The aspects we find most valuable are its user-friendly yet sophisticated design tools, its seamless mobile experience, and the customized solutions that make our offerings stand out. Above all, the customer service and technical support provided by Antigro are unparalleled. They’ve become more than a service provider; they’re a trusted partner in our journey to deliver the best custom puzzle experience on the market.”

Mariana Wagner

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