Case Study - PERSONAL MOMENTS & Antigro Designer

Meet Our partners

I am Katie, the owner of Personal Moments. We are a company dedicated to creating personalised stationery and gifts such as invitations, cards, prints and items for baby celebrations. We take pride in our ability to offer same-day printing services because we understand how important timeliness can be for our customers’ special occasions. This year, we have invested in upgrading our printing equipment to enhance the quality and efficiency of our products, ensuring we continue to print everything in-house to maintain the highest standards of quality control.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Antigro, one of our biggest challenges was the extensive amount of time spent on creating and modifying proofs for our customers. Each client’s request required a personalised touch, often leading to multiple iterations before reaching the final approval. This process was incredibly time-consuming, detracting significantly from our ability to focus on crafting new designs and expanding our product offerings.

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The solution

Our primary need was to implement a user-friendly system that empowered our customers to personalise their purchases directly. Antigro’s software was the game-changer we were looking for. It gave customers the freedom to interact with the designs by moving text, experimenting with various fonts and colours and trying out multiple design options in real-time. This not only enhanced the customer experience by offering them immediate visual feedback but also streamlined our operations. The need for back-and-forth communication for every minor alteration was significantly reduced, making the personalisation process much more efficient for both us and our clients.

The Result

The integration of Antigro’s designer was a game-changer for Personal Moments, especially noted during the hectic Christmas season where the business used to run non-stop. Here’s how Antigro has made a significant impact:

  • Enhanced customer autonomy in personalisation led to a higher satisfaction rate and a substantial reduction in the need for manual proofing.
  • The direct personalisation approach allowed the business to continue taking orders without having to temporarily shut down due to workload peaks.
  • Streamlined operations meant that I could dedicate more time to creating new designs, improving the diversity and appeal of our product offerings.
  • Our online sales became truly round-the-clock, aligning with the nature of e-commerce, without compromising my personal life.
  • Most importantly, the time saved on manual customisations has allowed me to reclaim weekends, spending valuable time with family, which was once consumed by work.

While it’s challenging to quantify the emotional value of regained personal time, from a business perspective, the positive customer feedback and the reduction in after-hours work have been significant. Antigro’s tool hasn’t just improved our sales process, it has enhanced our overall quality of life.

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“Without a doubt, I would recommend Antigro’s tool to anyone in the industry. It’s been a game-changer for Personal Moments. What stands out most for us is the way customers can interact with our calendars. The autonomy it provides them to personalise dates and events directly is particularly invaluable, considering how central these features are to the design of our invitations.

Additionally, the photo-editing capabilities are fantastic. The filters and the brightness adjustment features have significantly enhanced the personalisation experience for our customers. These are options that we could not feasibly offer when manually creating proofs, and they have undoubtedly elevated our product offerings.”

Katie, The Owner of Personal Moments

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