Case Study - TAVERN CREATIVE & Antigro Designer

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TavernCreative excels in creating personalized gifts and wedding stationery, offering a wide range of products from custom illustrations to clothing and greeting cards. They are known for their exceptional service and high-quality offerings, catering to both individual and business needs with a focus on design, print, and digital solutions. Their outstanding customer reviews on platforms like Etsy and Google testify to their commitment to excellence.

The Challenge

We have always offered a free design service for our customers, these are based on pre-made templates. As part of this we offer a free design before the customer buys. This is a great way for customers to ensure they’re happy with the artwork before committing to a full order. As busy times we found ourselves completing hundreds of designs and revisions per week which was of course very time consuming. Furthermore, the busier we became the slower our response rate was for our customers. This would lead to a diminished service or having the customers take their business elsewhere because they were a rush.

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Case Study - Antigro & TavernCreative 2

The solution

Antigro contacted us on Etsy to introduce their software. They would add all of our existing designs templates to the software for us, and the customers were able to personalize their own designs before they purchased.

The Result

The results were better than anticipated. We agreed to trial Antigro on the basis that it would free up some time for us to focus on new projects, and more importantly giving space to enhance our customers experience. However, in addition to saving us a huge amount of time, the software actually improved the customers experience, and subsequently lead to more sales. We mistakenly believed that our customers wouldn’t do designs their own stationery, and that our personal design service was part of the charm of our company. But no long after launching our Antigro templates, we had customers mentioning in reviews, and feedback how good it was to have the control over their own designs. In fact, in the transition period before all of our designs were uploaded to Antigro, we often had customers disappointed that they were unable to create their designs themselves because the template wasn’t available yet.  

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“I would recommend Antigro to any companies similar to mine. Before signing up, I was apprehensive and it was a difficult decision to make, but looking back, switching to this software was a no-brainer. We still offer a bespoke design service for customer who want something off-template, but for the bulk of our orders Antigro has enhanced the customers experienced significantly and given us our time back. I particularly appreciate the customer service and support provided by the Antigro team, they’re very attentive and always look for a solution to any issues or new features you may like to introduce. Furthermore, having been approached by similar web-to-print companies in the past, one of the appeals of Antigro was the fact they create your templates for you – considering we have between 500-1000 different designs, the thought of having to upload every single one to an online design tool was a very daunting task.”

John Lally, Director of Tavern Creative

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