Why do customers expect a good print customizer from companies selling personalized products?

Unveiling the Crucial Role of Print Creators in Personalized Product Companies:

Understanding Customer Expectations

Good Print Customizer

Currently, customers expect companies that sell personalized products to offer not only standard customization options but also highly personalized alternatives. Nowadays, it is insufficient for customers to merely add a name or a single photo to a template. They seek more advanced personalization possibilities and are willing to pay even twice as much for such personalized products. This is to gain the opportunity to create unique projects featuring multiple photos, personalized content, and the ability to design custom-shaped products with additional embellishments. However, creating such advanced designs is more complicated, and determining the details of these orders with customers, without the right software, is extremely time-consuming and inefficient. 

To understand the difficulties encountered when creating such products, it’s worthwhile to examine the process of ordering highly personalized products without appropriate software from the end customer’s perspective. Let’s explore this process using the example of a highly personalized photo canvas. 

Canvas Customizer
  • The photo canvas presented above consists of more than 30 photos. At the beginning of the canvas ordering process, the customer must select the required number of photos and plan (or imagine) where to place each photo on the template. 
  • After selecting the photos, if the customer wishes to apply filters or crop individual photos, they must use an additional system to perform these actions. 
  • Then, for the design to be prepared according to their preferences, the customer should accurately describe where they want each photo to be placed within the template. 
  • The next step involves sending the prepared description via email to the printing house, along with the photo files. However, for products with so many photos, this process is not as straightforward as it may seem. Sending high-resolution photos often encounters email attachment size limits, requiring the customer to split the graphics into several emails. An alternative is to upload the photos to a Google Drive folder and send the link to the printing house.  
  • After sending the graphics and description, the customer waits for the graphic designer at the printing house to prepare the project and send a proof for approval, which can take a few working days. 
  • Upon receiving the prepared design for printing, the customer checks if all elements look as expected. If any element is unsatisfactory, or if they wish to change the placement of selected photos, they must create a new description with the required changes, send a message to the printing house with the attached replacement photos, and wait again for the updated design. 
  • If one of the graphics is of insufficient resolution, the printing house will request a higher-quality photo. The customer then needs to select a better-resolution photo, send another email to the printing house, and wait for the other email with the visualization prepared by the graphic designer. 
  • If everything with the prepared design is satisfactory, the customer confirms and pays for the order, and the printing house proceeds with printing.

In the case of preparing such an order, the time customers spend determining the project details through email exchanges often exceeds two hours. Consequently, the process of order creation and fulfillment can extend to as long as two weeks. Therefore, to streamline this process and enable customers to conveniently create their dream projects, a comprehensive print creator that meets today’s consumers’ expectations is necessary. Antigro Designer offers such capabilities, making the creation of highly personalized products seamless and eliminating the need for time-consuming email consultations. 

In the video, you can see how the customer can independently create a project to print their dream personalized product in just a few minutes using the Antigro Designer creator on their computer.

Print Customizer

Based on many years of observing printing houses that sell highly personalized products, we have drawn conclusions about customers’ approaches to creating such products. Our research indicates that there are two distinct types of customers who order photo products. 

The first type of approach is seen in customers seeking to order highly personalized products, typically as gifts for their loved ones. These are often situations where a special event is approaching, and the customer does not have much time to create an interesting gift. Such customers need the final product as soon as possible. Most commonly, they use the ‘shuffle photos’ option available in the Antigro Designer creator. This feature allows them to quickly create a unique design without spending a lot of time on it. Statistically, these customers spend from just 30 seconds to 3 minutes creating a design and completing the entire ordering process. In such situations, it’s also crucial for customers to be able to perform these actions using a mobile device, as they often don’t have access to a desktop computer or a laptop.

Another approach is taken by customers who start designing a gift early or create a personalized product for themselves. These customers are more meticulous and spend much more time placing graphics on templates, paying attention to every detail. They often apply additional filters, carefully analyze the placement of individual photos on the template, and enhance their designs with extra text and clipart. Preferring not to use automation, they want full control over the project’s creation. Statistically, such customers spend from several dozen minutes to even several days creating highly personalized products. The design process takes a considerable amount of time because these clients often consult their ideas with others, sharing the link to the design with friends or family to discuss even the smallest details. They make numerous changes based on the feedback received and accept the design only after thoroughly checking the product’s visualization. As a result, even the most demanding customers are fully satisfied with the end product.

The process of agreeing with the customer via email on where to place which photo, preparing proofs, seeking design acceptance, and maintaining continuous email communication makes the creation of such products extremely time-consuming and simply unprofitable. The solution is simple: implement a good print personalizer in your company that will handle all this work for you! 

Invitation Customizer

An ideal example of a company that has implemented the Antigro Designer creator to streamline the process of creating highly personalized products is TavernCreative. This company specializes in highly customized gifts and wedding stationery, offering a wide range of products from custom illustrations to clothing and greeting cards. If you would like to explore the case study that presents the changes made in the process of preparing designs and ready-to-print files, click here to get inspired by this interesting implementation. 

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