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Everyone loves a good hoodie. It’s the epitome of casual comfort, but why settle for off-the-rack when your customers can create a hoodie that’s as unique as they are? With our advanced Personalization Software, designing your own custom hoodie has never been easier or more fun!

Personalized Hoodie
Integrate seamlesly with your sales channels

We are always available to help you integrate our tools with the platforms you already use. Our development team did their best to make Antigro Designer compatible with your current sales channels. Just click, we’ll do the rest!

Antigro Designer Integrations
Personalized Hoodie 3D Preview


Rotate, zoom in, zoom out, and inspect your creation from all sides.

Visualization is a key part of the design process, especially when personalizing your favorite products. Antigro Designer takes this aspect to a whole new level with our innovative 3D Product Preview feature, revolutionizing how your customers experience their designs.

Crafted with the user’s convenience and precision in mind, our 3D Product Preview allows your customers to see their personalized designs from every angle—before making a purchase. From mugs and hoodies to tech gadgets and home decor, visualize creations in three dimensions, providing an accurate and immersive preview of the final product.


Perfect Prints for Hoodies: Introducing the Image Quality Check (DPI) on Antigro Designer

Quality should never be compromised, especially when you’re showcasing your unique style. To ensure your custom hoodie designs are nothing short of brilliant, Antigro Designer is proud to introduce our Image Quality Check (DPI) feature.

DPI, or dots per inch, is a crucial measure of image resolution that significantly influences the print quality. The higher the DPI, the clearer, sharper, and more detailed your print will be. Our Image Quality Check (DPI) feature automatically analyzes the resolution of the images you upload for your hoodie design, guaranteeing optimal print results every time.

Hoodie Image Quality Check
Additional hoodie personalization features
Adobe Stock Integration
Adobe Stock integration

When creating personalized designs, having access to a wide array of high-quality resources can make all the difference. That’s why Antigro Designer proudly offers Adobe Stock Integration, a feature that opens up a world of premium visuals directly within our design platform.

Gold foil
Fullprint products

 With Fullprint Product Support, we’re taking personalization to new heights, allowing your customers to apply your unique designs across the entirety of a product. This means no more restrictions or limitations – every inch of a chosen item can be decorated with an artistic vision. From edge to edge, and corner to corner, every surface can be transformed into a vibrant showcase of creativity.

Antigro Designer Templates

Crafting a unique design doesn’t always have to start from a blank canvas. At Antigro Designer, we understand the value of inspiration and the role it plays in sparking creativity. That’s why we offer an option  to add a collection of pre-made templates for your customers to love and enjoy.


Personalized Hoodies with Antigro Designer

Are you ready to offer your customers hoodies that showcases their style, passion, or business? With Antigro Designer’s advanced Hoodie Customization, this has never been more achievable or enjoyable!

Personalized Hoodie

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Not only does Antigro Designer provide the perfect solution for my business, but they have also supported me tremendously throughout the entire process. I can honestly say that choosing their software has been the best decision I have made for my business.

Katie Tallentire
Personal Moments Ltd

Antigro Designer has completely transformed our business, putting us far ahead of the curve compared to our competition. We are now able to deliver high-quality customized designs faster and more efficiently than ever before, giving us a significant competitive advantage.

Denise Bayer
DB Custom Creations

Thanks to the implementation of Antigro Designer, our employees can now save a lot of time and focus on other tasks. Instead of spending hours or days on discussing details and correcting projects, orders placed through the software go straight to the printing machines.

Jakub Parzyszek


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