How to Earn More on Selling Photo Canvases? 

Photo canvases are popular products that various customers purchase for themselves, for their companies, or for sale in their stores. The primary purpose of photo canvases is typically as a decorative element in rooms. This product is frequently acquired by individuals completing the interior design of their homes or apartments, or those making changes to their home or business decor. What is more, it is often selected as a personalized gift for a loved one.

Selling photo canvases provides printers with a broad range of possibilities. This offering can cater to both individual customers and other companies, for whom canvases can be sold in wholesale quantities. Whether your company focuses on B2B, B2C, or both, offering photo canvases opens up numerous opportunities to enhance your product range and boost the profitability of your business. 

Do you want to enrich your company’s offerings by starting to sell photo canvases, or do you already sell canvases and aim to enhance them by enabling customers to add more than one graphic to the design, apply photo filters, supplement them with additional text or cliparts, and include other personalization options? To address this need and inspire you, we have prepared some tips and examples that provide amazing ideas to enrich your offerings, increase your revenue, and simultaneously leave your clients amazed by your products.

Tip no. 1

Do you sell canvases only in the B2B model, and would you like to expand your customer base? Add personalized canvases to your offerings and tap into the market of individual customers. Individuals often seek the ability to create products that evoke emotional attachment with the product. This is especially important when creating photo canvases as gifts. In such cases, people are able to pay up to 30% more to receive such a unique photo canvas. 

Tip no. 2

Do you already sell personalized canvases to individual customers and want to increase your revenue? Start selling highly personalized photo canvases! More pictures on canvas mean more memories. That’s why people love creating canvases not only with one photo but also with interesting templates featuring photo collages containing more amazing memories. People are willing to pay 20%, 30% or even 50% more for highly personalized products. The price for such products can be much higher than for standard ones, so you can even double your margin! 

Tip no. 3

Do your employees lack the time for tedious consultations with customers and for agreeing on design details? Do you not want to hire additional graphic designers to create files for personalized printing? With the proper software you don’t have to increase the workload to offer more developed products. 

The process of agreeing with the customer via email on where to place which photo, preparing proofs, seeking design acceptance, and maintaining continuous email communication makes the creation of such products extremely time-consuming and simply unprofitable. The solution is simple: implement a good print personalizer in your company that will handle all this work for you! 

Let us inspire you with amazing examples of highly personalized canvases that are already being sold by our customers. 

Check out the interview with Neil Felton, the CEO of FESPA, to learn what he says about personalization and how it can enhance the efficiency of a printing company.

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