Try & Buy – A Game-Changer for Online Retailers and Print Shops 

The Try & Buy initiative was conceived to offer online stores and print shops the opportunity to sell highly personalized items by allowing them to test products for free before deciding on cooperation. This approach is especially beneficial in an industry where understanding customer needs and ensuring product quality are paramount. By providing businesses with the ability to use the creator tool firsthand, businesses can check the ease of designing the product in the personalization software. Upon receiving the actual product, they can assess its quality and check the delivery times. This firsthand experience enables businesses to confidently promote and sell items that they have personally vetted and approved. 

Offering a different approach, the Try & Buy model allows businesses to experiment with different products without incurring upfront costs, thereby significantly reducing the risks associated with stocking or investing in new items that might not meet their standards or resonate with their clientele. This elimination of financial risk is particularly valuable for small to medium-sized enterprises that might otherwise hesitate to diversify their product offerings. By removing these barriers, the initiative not only encourages innovation and experimentation but also fosters a more dynamic market where businesses can adapt quickly to changing consumer preferences. This flexibility ultimately leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and can drive higher sales in the long run.  

Even if you are a print shop that produces other personalized products on your own but lacks the machinery necessary for printing and sewing personalized pillows, this program is perfect for you. You can expand your product range through collaboration with a fulfillment company for specific products. This will allow you to increase customer interest without the need to invest in additional machines or hire more employees. 

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Wall Decals Print Customizer3

Antigro Designer and Print Logistic Launch Groundbreaking Collaboration

Antigro Designer excels as a versatile online print customizer, crafted to accommodate the personalization of any printed product. We are recognized as one of the most advanced print personalization platforms available, supporting a vast selection of products. The print customizer enables users to tweak even the minutest details of their creations, whether they are customizing apparel, creating uniquely shaped stickers, or designing invitations enriched with gilding and various other embellishments. Within the framework of the Try&Buy program, Antigro provides robust tools specifically designed for the creation of custom-shaped pillows.   


Print Logistic is recognized as a trailblazer in Europe for digital, on-demand textile and garment printing. The company’s expertise extends across a broad spectrum of fabrics, knitwear, and white-label products, thereby unlocking a plethora of creative opportunities for its clients. In the Try & Buy program, Print Logistic contributes its sophisticated machinery and execution capabilities. It handles everything from the realization of projects to their delivery to participating companies in just 48 hours. 

How Does the ‘Try & Buy’ Program with Antigro Designer and Print Logistic Work?

Owners of online stores and print shops can take advantage of the program for free and prepare projects for body shape and face/head shape pillows, as well as astronaut designs with face cutouts. During the design process, they can fully test the functionality of the Antigro Designer print customizer, edit their projects, and explore the possibilities that their customers could have if they offered such products.  

The next step, which involves the fulfillment of the order, is carried out by Print Logistic, which prints and sews the pillows. These are then shipped to participants in the program. The entire product creation process takes no more than 48 hours. 

In the near future, we plan to introduce another product to the program—personalized t-shirts for runners. Keep an eye on our publications and don’t miss the opportunity to expand your company’s offerings in a safe and totally free way. 

How to Participate in the Try & Buy Program?

To participate in the Try & Buy program with Print Logistic and Antigro, simply visit Try&Buy page and then select any product described on the site, or if you prefer, choose several from the listed products. Click the button located in the tab of the selected product to proceed to the Antigro creator. Here, you can create a design while testing the capabilities of the tool. After approving the project, contact your account manager at Antigro Designer or Print Logistic to confirm the placement of an order for a free personalized pillow.  

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Try & Buy at Drupa 2024

During the Drupa 2024, there will also be an opportunity to participate in the Try & Buy program. Each participant, after scanning the QR code provided at the Antigro Designer and Print Logistic booths, will be able to prepare a design for their pillow or t-shirt and then confirm their project with a representative from Antigro or Print Logistic. The personalized product will be delivered to the participant within 48 hours, so right after returning from the event, they will have the opportunity to receive and test the quality of the final product. 


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