Case Study - SASSY SPIRIT AND DESIGN & DTF Gang Sheet Builder by Antigro Designer

Meet Our partners

We print DTF transfers for many businesses and also offer completed apparel. My name is Alyssa Hultquist. I’m the sole owner and founder of Sassy Spirit and Design LLC.

The Challenge

As a printer, we struggled with getting our clients to use design software to form their gang sheets. We initially offered the service where we would build gang sheets for the client, however, such a service requires a lot of time and we would be responsible for sizing and duplicating files. On occasion we wouldn’t size things properly or didn’t add the correct number of designs to their gang sheets. We really needed a system that allowed the clients to control their own project.

Case Study Sassy
Case Study Sassy 1

The solution

Since we have partnered with Antigro, our clients have had the ability to upload, size and duplicate all their designs as needed.

The Result

This software has saved us an immense amount of time, allowing us to focus on printing and maintaining fast turn around times for the completed prints. Through Antigro’s software, we can still work with our client, coaching them how the program works, and together we have been able to provide excellent finished products. Our clients have found the software easy to use and understand and they really enjoy having control over their projects.

Case Study Sassy 2


“I would absolutely recommend Antigro and their tools to everyone! We personally love the gang sheet identifiers that print at the top of each file, which helps us sort very quickly. Another amazing feature is the ability to duplicate so easily! There’s many features about this software that our clients love, especially being able to create customer accounts so they can see all their previous submissions. “

Alyssa Hultquist, Owner and Founder of Sassy Spirit and Design LLC

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