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Empower your business clients with our customization software, enabling them to get unique products.

Our intuitive software solution allows you to offer personalized products, tailored to your clients’ unique needs and preferences. Whether it’s applying specific branding elements, altering colors, or adding unique features – the power of customization is at your fingertips. Upgrade your B2B services with Antigro Designer and unlock new levels of client satisfaction and loyalty.

B2B Product Customization
Integrate seamlesly with your sales channels

We are always available to help you integrate our tools with the platforms you already use. Our development team did their best to make Antigro Designer compatible with your current sales channels. Just click, we’ll do the rest!

Antigro Designer Integrations
Personalised roll-up


Empower Your Clients with Roll-up Personalization in Antigro Designer

Drive success for your business and provide a seamless experience for your clients with Antigro Designer’s Rollup Personalization . Our software is engineered to simplify the customization process, enabling your clients to create impactful, personalized rollup banners with ease.

Rollup Personalization with Antigro Designer results in increased client satisfaction, reduced production time, and an enhanced bottom line. Transform your business and empower your clients with the ultimate tool in product personalization.


Amplify your clients’ brand presence with the Business Card Personalization feature in Antigro Designer.

Equip your clients with the tools to stand out from the crowd, and experience the operational benefits. More than just a design tool, Antigro Designer enhances your operational efficiency. Once the design is complete, you receive print-ready files perfectly tailored to your production machinery specifications. This not only ensures impeccable quality but also reduces time spent on modifications and corrections.
Personalised business cards
Additional B2B customization features
Gold foil
Custom Foil Printing Support

Antigro Designer is here to help you add an extra touch of luxury and sophistication to your clients’ designs with our Custom Foil Printing Support. This feature allows your clients to elevate their designs, turning ordinary products into extraordinary, high-end creations that stand out.

Admin mode Antigro Designer
Customer Design Review

Increase customer satisfaction, and save valuable resources with Antigro Designer’s Admin mode. This feature empowers you to review and approve designs, ensuring the best possible outcome for your business and your customers.

3D Product Preview
3D Product Preview

Our 3D Product Preview is not only a fun and interactive feature, but it also empowers your customers to make informed design decisions, reducing the guesswork associated with online personalization. It provides the confidence that the product will look exactly as they envisioned.

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Types of supported products

Automated processes
1 000 000+
Personalized orders

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Listen to our clients

Not only does Antigro Designer provide the perfect solution for my business, but they have also supported me tremendously throughout the entire process. I can honestly say that choosing their software has been the best decision I have made for my business.

Katie Tallentire
Personal Moments Ltd

Antigro Designer has completely transformed our business, putting us far ahead of the curve compared to our competition. We are now able to deliver high-quality customized designs faster and more efficiently than ever before, giving us a significant competitive advantage.

Denise Bayer
DB Custom Creations

Thanks to the implementation of Antigro Designer, our employees can now save a lot of time and focus on other tasks. Instead of spending hours or days on discussing details and correcting projects, orders placed through the software go straight to the printing machines.

Jakub Parzyszek


Offer your clients the best personalization

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