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Antigro Designer provides comprehensive, modern solutions to print customization. It is the most advanced print personalizer and offers a wide range of supported products including almost everything imaginable for print houses.

Antigro Designer is white label software that can handle large volumes of orders. This ensures there are no problems with insufficient processing power during times of high demand for personalized products.

What is Antigro Designer? 

Antigro Designer is a rapidly expanding international software development company that offers modern print personalization solutions. Our company provides personalization software for printing houses worldwide. 

 The idea to invent this solution was born out of a passion for printing and the desire to create a tool that provides excellent support to printers in crafting unique, personalized products while offering consumers greater freedom in their purchases. Our developers have dedicated years to perfecting the system, and they continue to work diligently to ensure it excels in every aspect. As a result, many consider our creator to be the best personalization tool in the world. 

Antigro Designer personalization software provides a wide range of possibilities for printing companies worldwide. Our offer caters to both small and large businesses engaged in selling or looking to initiate sales of customized products. While we are adapted to handling a substantial volume of orders from large corporations, we also prioritize small businesses, approaching each client individually.

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What makes Antigro Designer unique? 

  • Our personalization software can support almost every personalized product. We have the capability to quickly adjust our personalization tool to the specific product you wish to personalize. 
  • Antigro Designer is white-label personalization software, enabling our customers to swiftly enter the market. You can benefit from the print personalization solution proven by hundreds of companies and millions of end-users worldwide, who are already using our tool. 
  • Our personalization software features an easy and intuitive interface, encouraging users to effortlessly create and purchase personalized goods from our customers’ printing houses. The availability of features such as removing white backgrounds, trimming transparent pixels, and editing photos, as well as applying photo filters, makes our personalization tool a comprehensive software solution that eliminates the need for additional programs.  
  • We provide our clients with ready-to-print files perfectly tailored to the company’s printing machines, significantly reducing order fulfillment time. Print-ready files with automatically imposed graphics on the sheet enable printers to fulfill more orders without the need to hire additional employees or extend working hours. 

    Meet our team

     Our company employs industry experts and individuals for whom developing our personalization software is a fusion of work and passion. When participating in various events around the world, our employees are eager to share their knowledge and support printing houses in creating ideas and development plans.  

    If you have any further questions about Antigro Designer’s personalization tool, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to assist you. You can reach us via email at 

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    Antigro Designer’s mission 

    Our mission is to support printing companies in the Digital Transformation. Thanks to our innovative and customized web2print solutions, you can elevate your business.  

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