Captivate Customers with Innovative Pillow Templates Featuring AI Face Cutouts

Today’s consumers love the opportunity to transform their most cherished memories and beloved images into cozy, huggable treasures in the form of pillows. This is why personalized pillows are gaining increasing popularity. However, not all customers have an idea for the design of such a product, and they expect something more than just a pillow with a photo. In such cases, it is valuable to provide the option to choose from various templates so that your customers can quickly upload a chosen image to a print customizer and receive a pillow design in an irregular shape where the person in the photo becomes a cartoon hero, astronaut, mermaid, or another character you might offer in your online store. 

By empowering customers with these creative options, you help them feel more involved in the design process, ensuring that the final product truly reflects their personal style and emotional connections. This level of customization can significantly increase the perceived value of the pillows, encouraging repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Regular Template Updates and Creative Collaborations to Drive Customer Engagement and Sales Growth 

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To stay competitive in the ever-evolving market of personalized goods, it is crucial to regularly update your template offerings based on trending themes, popular culture, and seasonal events. Collaborations with artists and designers can also bring fresh perspectives and unique designs to your collection, making it stand out. Promoting these new designs through social media and email marketing campaigns can create excitement and anticipation among your customer base, driving traffic to your website and boosting sales during new product launches. 

Irregular Shape Pillows with AI Face Cutouts Set New Standards in the Gift Industry 

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Consumers looking for a unique gift idea for their loved ones are increasingly opting for personalized items. Pillows created with AI technology, which allows placing a face from a photo into a predefined template, give every customer—even those without extensive design skills—the opportunity to create a unique and special design that brings joy to both the designer and the recipient. These innovative pillows transform ordinary images into extraordinary keepsakes. The use of AI ensures that each design is seamlessly created, resulting in a professional and polished final product. 

A wide selection of available templates enables customers to play with the options and create fun designs that make perfect gifts for anyone. These customizable pillows offer a delightful way to turn cherished memories into cozy, huggable treasures, making them an ideal choice for thoughtful and personalized presents. The variety of templates ranges from whimsical characters to elegant motifs, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. This creative flexibility not only enhances the gift-giving experience but also encourages repeat purchases and customer loyalty. 

Predefined Shape Pillows in the Try&Buy Program 

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Antigro Designer, in collaboration with Print Logistic, recently launched an initiative that allows online stores to sell irregular shape pillows through the Try&Buy program. Owners of online stores and print shops can participate in this program at no cost, allowing them to design projects for predefined shaped pillows with a variety of patterns, including face cutouts. During the design phase, they can thoroughly test the Antigro Designer print customizer, make edits to their projects, and discover the potential offerings for their customers. The subsequent step, which is order fulfillment, is managed by Print Logistic, responsible for printing and sewing the pillows. These are then shipped to the program participants. The complete product creation process takes no more than 48 hours. 

You can learn more about the Try&Buy program here.

Leverage Custom Pillows to Boost Other Personalized Product Sales

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Selling personalized pillows can help drive the sales of other customized products in your store. Customers are highly interested in creating complementary items that enhance such a unique gift. Personalized boxes, which are relatively easy to produce and popular among buyers, are an excellent example. These boxes can add an even more distinctive touch to the personalized products, making them even more special and appealing to customers. These pillows are also supported by the Antigro Designer print customizer, so if you aren’t selling them yet, introducing them to your store can be easy and fast.


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