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Personalized pillows have entered the market relatively recently and are now gaining increasing popularity. More and more people dream of creating a product in the form of a pillow that reflects their pets, themselves, or other characters and things. This provides a unique opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind product that is truly distinctive. Such pillows are an interesting option for an incredibly broad audience, catering to people with diverse interests. Thanks to the ability of these pillows to take on any conceivable shape and represent a wide variety of animal figures or objects, they can appeal to nearly every consumer’s taste. Moreover, as gifting trends evolve, these pillows are becoming favored choices for personalized gifts, adding a thoughtful touch to special occasions. They also serve as a creative outlet, allowing individuals to showcase their artistic skills or commemorate important life events. Furthermore, businesses are starting to recognize the promotional potential of custom pillows, using them as unique merchandising items or corporate gifts that stand out. 

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Custom shaped pillow in a shape of a head

AI technology used to create custom-shaped pillows enables the precise cutting of faces or heads of people and animals to create pillows in their likeness. This feature significantly enriches the offerings of an online store or print shop, as many people are intrigued by and interested in purchasing such unusual products. These pillows appeal to animal lovers, who often buy pillows shaped like their pets’ heads as fun decorations or use them as gifts for other animal lovers. Similarly, pillows depicting a child’s or a friend’s face are commonly purchased as interesting and humorous gifts. Additionally, these custom pillows are increasingly popular at promotional events and in corporate branding, where companies utilize them as personalized marketing tools. The versatility and emotional connection these pillows offer make them favorites among various customer segments, further driving their popularity. 

Custom-shaped pillow in the shape of the entire silhouette

This impressive product allows for the accurate reproduction of characters and objects, maintaining their distinctive elements and details, and even allows for adjusting the pillow size to match the figure it represents. The option to choose the pillow size ensures it can be tailored to the character being depicted, within a specific range of possible dimensions. Additionally, the functionality of cutting around the edges of the character from a photo enables the creation of a unique shape, adapting the pillow to meet the advanced demands of today’s market. Pillows shaped like entire figures are products that are exceptionally easy to promote, often with the help of videos showing animals reacting to a pillow shaped like them. Such recordings or pictures often go viral, generating vast reach at no cost and informing a large number of potential customers about the possibility of creating such a product and encouraging them to take advantage of the print shop’s offerings. These pillows also serve as memorable keepsakes at family reunions or weddings, creating lasting mementos of cherished moments. 

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3-Step Process for Creating Pillows in Unique Shapes 

Design Creation

This initial step is all about turning an idea into a tangible design. It begins with conceptualizing the size and aesthetics of the pillow. Customers may choose to design their pillow based on personal photos, or photos of their pets or favorite items. Advanced tools such as online print customizers allow customers to manipulate and finalize their designs directly. The ability to enhance a project with additional clipart and text such as ‘Happy Birthday!‘ gives a unique character to the designs, making them evoke special memories even more. Applying photo filters and changing the background color allows for full customization of the project and adapting the design to individual preferences and the interior decor where the pillow will be placed. This stage ensures that the pillow design aligns perfectly with personal preferences or the intended theme. 

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Once the design is finalized, it moves to the printing stage. In this step, the chosen designs are printed onto fabric. The technology used here can vary depending on the printing company. This process must be handled with precision to ensure that the printed fabric faithfully reproduces the original design in terms of color and detail. Advanced printing techniques, such as sublimation or direct-to-garment printing, are often employed to achieve high-resolution results. These methods also allow for vibrant colors and complex patterns that are durable and resistant to fading. 


The final step in the pillow creation process is sewing. After the fabric with the printed design is prepared, it is cut into the desired shape. Skilled craftsmen then sew the fabric pieces together. The quality of the sewing ensures that the pillow is durable and maintains its shape well, which is particularly important for custom-shaped pillows. This step transforms the printed fabric into a finished, stuffed pillow ready for use or delivery. 

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Creating personalized pillows in custom shapes is a fairly complex process, which is why many companies are often unable to add such products to their offerings. A common practice is to delegate the creation of these products to other companies. A good example of this is the option provided by Antigro Designer and Print Logistic, which allows the entire design process to be transferred to customers through an online print customizer, with order fulfillment handled by a dedicated fulfillment service. This approach is an effective way to increase company profits, diversify offerings, and achieve a better position in the market of personalized product manufacturers without the need for investing in new machinery and hiring additional staff. Allowing customers to design their own products using the Antigro Designer creator ensures that the designs are fully tailored to customer requirements, and using the Print Logistic service allows for the delivery of the finished product on behalf of the delegating company within 48 hours of placing the order. 

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